“Children are not a distraction from more important work. 

They are the most important work.”

– Dr. John Trainer 

Hello Parents!

We love to be a part of kids encountering the Lord and growing in His ever-increasing love, power, wisdom, and joy. Currently, we are learning from Scripture for how to hear God with Eyes That See and Ears That Hear (Matthew 13:16)Click HERE for more information on our curriculum, which is actually for all ages!

Please join us in person at 4 pm at Webster Elementary School in Malibu. 

Gratefully, we currently have the opportunity to meet together outdoors. Kids and outdoors go well together! However, the current restrictions pose a difficulty to safely contain younger ones without their parents or a caregiver present. Therefore, VKIDS Malibu is only able to accommodate ages 5+ - 11years old (1st - 6th grades.)

We do have a young child (0-4 years old,) & parent area set up in our main area so that you can be with your little one(s) and still be part of the service.

It is our desire to help you disciple your kids at home so that they can continue to grow and develop their faith.

For all the weekly VKIDS Malibu information shoot me an email salina.andrews@vintagechurchla.com   We will have more info for parents and kids on this VKIDS Malibu page coming soon...

Oh, and don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else I can help you with! I’m a home educating working mom who has adored every stage of childhood development, and now has teens in college.


Much love and respect,
Salina Bartunek-Andrews



You are welcome to join with us any Sunday morning at 10 AM. We are meeting at Webster Elementary in malibu.

No requirement to book! We saved a seat for you