• Vintage Church Malibu

in-person gathering information

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

We are so excited to be able to invite you back to our in-person gathering from 14th June 2020 at Webster 4 pm as usual.

Things may look a little different though; socially distant worship with face masks and a whole load of hand sanitizer required for one thing.  We’ll begin by meeting in the courtyard, there won’t be any VKids for the first week or so and we’re not sure when it’ll be possible to offer you a coffee just yet.  All that said we hope you can join us live in person but if you can’t (and there are lashings of grace if you aren’t able to come) then please do join us through our Facebook page.  Lastly, if you’re sick or showing signs of COVID 19 please stay safe and stay home.  Tell us so we can pray and provide care accordingly too.

You are welcome to join with us any Sunday morning at 10 AM. We are meeting outside at Webster Elementary in malibu.

No requirement to book! We saved a seat for you