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Covid 19 is a horrible virus. Never have we ever experienced anything quite like this in our lifetime (well in mine anyway).

But it occurred to me that the worst part may be the fear it creates.

The fear that its “out there”. Fear of catching it. Fear of other humans. Fear of surfaces and enclosed spaces. Fear of death.

We are currently being actively encouraged to run our lives from a base point of fear. The media is in overdrive with poorly researched and often politically based theories – thinly veiled as news but mainly to keep us watching/listening/reading in a not so subtle attempt to boost their ad revenues.

Social media is no better – it is filled with “false news”, hearsay, gossip and conspiracy theories. Again to keep us scrolling longer. We can no longer find or trust the “facts” we are told. Our real life belly laughing, crying, shouting, arguing, sharing contact with real life humans is being diminished daily all in the name of preservation of life.

And I don’t think we should underestimate the toll that all of these fear based decisions take on our minds and the way we approach things. In a completely understandable desire to keep us safe it occurs to me that something worrying is happening alongside this. As a person who has struggled with anxiety in the past I have felt the old sensations attempting to rise up in me. so I felt a deep nudge to share this word today with you. just in case I am not alone in the struggle right now.

Being focused on fear is exactly what the enemy wants – in the Bible Jesus Himself warns us of that;

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10

The thief (the devil) comes to steal our joy which is what happens when we live from a base of fear. Nothing else can filter through when we are in a state of panic. It doesn’t change anything – it just robs us of our joy and our peace! It is the most horrible feeling. And if you are there today please message me and let me pray for you. When we are in that state it renders us a slave to it in that moment and by default – the enemy. the devil is described by Jesus as a thief. That thief also comes to kill and destroy. That can be accomplished in many ways but most of those ways will include fear.

Now feeling afraid sometimes is a natural human emotion (not a failure). But there is a difference in feeling afraid occasionally and letting it control you. I am told a million times a day through a variety of channels that if you are high risk (like me as I have been so poorly over the last 9 months) you have to be careful or you may die!!!!!! That is a fear based message aimed to stop me behaving in a certain way. But what it actually does is focus my mind back to the invisible fear and off of God.

Now In this pandemic it is our community duty to be careful. We show love to others by wearing a mask and protecting others in our community. So I am not writing about protocols or some sort of anti mask rant – NO.

However when we live in a permanent state of fear then that is when it controls us. And I sense that is what the enemy is trying to achieve right now. How our media (both regular and social) is behaving right now is another indication of how far from God we have all come. How far we have run from His love and protection. And the answer will not be found in more lockdowns, even less contact and more theories etc.

So where will the answer be found?

In Jesus. In turning back to Jesus.

Repent and give your life to Him. He died so we could be free. Free from fear no matter what the outcome. Fear above our circumstances is possible in His presence.

Because of Him we get to repent and be forgiven. Because of Him we get to receive the greatest love we will ever experience. Because of Him we get to serve and be changed and brought to life. His word and His love is TRUTH.

The “facts” of the media are not truth they are just people’s opinions. When we start accepting them as the truth in our life we become at risk of being led by fear. We give them too much power over our minds.

The ONLY truth we can actually trust is the word of God. It stands firm and never changes.

Jesus came to “bring us life”. He is the light of the world. This is in direct opposition to the enemy’s mandate of stealing, killing and destroying. And sadly there is no middle ground. You love Him and are for Him or you are against Him. I wish I could make that truth more palatable but it is the most LOVING truth you will ever hear.

So today I invite you to switch off your TV, Phone or whatever and turn your life towards Jesus. He loves you and can free you from the chains of fear just like He did for me. When I meditated on His word in my recent fear His truth washed over me like a shower of peace. He is my Lord and Saviour and no matter what happens He will never leave me.

I implore you to turn to Him to be your Lord and Saviour too today. It will be the best decision you ever made. His loving arms are open ready to receive you now.Come Holy Spirit and bring Your children home.


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